Culina Wooden Honey Dipper

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Culina Wooden Honey Dipper


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  • Timeless kitchen utensil. Wooden, oblong shape extended with a 4 inch handle to dip in most size jars. Easy reach. Carefully carved groves, no trapping, no waste
  • Convenient to stir into bowls, tea or coffee mugs. Fun and easy to use: create drizzles and cute designs on food and deserts
  • Can be used to dip molasses, maple syrup, fruit syrup or any other unctuous, stretchy food. No mess
  • Quick, Easy wash immediately after use, simply let it air dry. Fun, timeless gift idea for any occasion
  • Information
  • Ahhhh if only honey could easily travel from jar to drink without having it stick everywhere.

    No daydreaming, Culina Wooden Honey Dipper is real! Use it to sweeten everything from yogurt to tea, coffee and countless more appetizing snacks. Best of all leave the sticky mess behind, where it belongs with spoons and other utensils!

    Uses Culina Wooden Honey Dipper is a fantastic tool to dip and scoop honey directly from the jar, it helps sweeten drinks and food without any of the hassle inherent to the sweetener's texture.

    MultipurposeCreate artsy as well as tasty little drizzles over toasts, waffles, even gelato or Greek yogurt! Not just with honey, expand horizons to other ingredients such as fresh molasses, caramel syrup, fudge or any stretchy, syrupy, unctuous delicacy.

    There’s another popular use for Culina Honey Dipper as a party favor along with clay honey jar or as a centerpiece for a honeybee themed party. Getting any fun ideas yet? Go right ahead and add our honey dipper to the mix. Guests are always impressed and awed to receive one!

    Construction Carved from Oak wood, not only does Culina Honey Dipper boast a timeless, classic look, it reveals a certain functionality. Indeed the attention to detail in the meticulously designed groves allows for honey to build up and not spill, splatter or leave spotty messes.

    The size and weight are a perfect fit for small stoneware pots. Indeed the dipper floats in the honey jar as opposed to sinking at the bottom, making it difficult to reach.

    Rustic designThe rustic design adds a dreamy, timeless element to your counter top. Groves carved in perfect lines around the oblong wooden shape allow for control of an easy, appreciable stir into the honey jar without trapping the goods. No mess, no sticky trails, simply enjoy your collation worry-free!

    Maintenance Wash thoroughly after use, won't wear easily but as with any quality wooden product, it is best not to throw in the dishwasher if only to preserve longevity.

    StorageStorage is so easy and such a no-brainer it’s worth highlighting! Simply put away in any utensils drawer, but we have a feeling you'll to display the honey dipper for every guests and visitors to admire.

    Gift Pair the honey dipper with a nice stoneware or glass jar, it makes for a tremendously unique gift! From a housewarming to a wedding, the gift recipients will appreciate the originality! Think about it, for a tool to transcend time and remain as authentic, it is a testament to the true and tested efficiency. A heirloom feel in a modern décor.

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