Culina Pizza Cutter 14" Long, Wooden Handle (Walnut).

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Culina Pizza Cutter 14" Long, Wooden Handle (Walnut).

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  • 14"Lx3"W Stainless Steel Blades. Tough-built, rust-resistant material, tapered for long-lasting daily use by professionals or at home
  • Impeccably cut, chop, mince and scoop meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs etc… No mess, No do-overs
  • Wooden handle (Walnut), Thick rectangular shape, promotes easy rocking motion, user control and efficient cut. Elegant, heirloom quality design for comfort. Excellent gift idea for the pizza enthusiast!
  • Easy wash: simply run through soapy water, immediately wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Perfect storage on knife magnet or fits nicely in kitchen drawer
  • Information
  • Are you using an inefficient pizza wheel? Awkwaaaard. The way these little rollers shift toppings in every direction is just a sad mess. Culina 14" x 3" Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Walnut Wood Handle is designed with professionals and every day users in mind.
    No need to work in a pizza establishment, you too, can confidently use our pizza rocker to slice, chop and mince like a real chef.

    Sleek design, heirloom quality. Precision cut, multipurpose

    Culina Pizza Cutter cuts uniform slices in one quick rocking motion where traditional knives pull the pizza apart and slice unevenly. Other tools like wheel cutters tend to “smoosh” the crust, trap and drag the cheese, sauce and toppings off the pizza: icky mess!

    Avoid the frustration, get Culina rocker cutter: 3" large at the curve with a touch of walnut wood handle; rugged yet stylish poised to rip through a deep dish pizza crust.

    Complete a variety of other tasks: cut soap bars or sandwiches, chop herbs and produce, or mince garlic and nuts! Scoop all ingredients up thanks to the large surface of the blade.

    Stainless steel construction. High performance

    Don't be fooled by the aesthetics, Culina Pizza Cutter boasts a full frame, 3" stainless steel sheet complete with a thick, wooden structure at the top to form a reliable, non-slip, comfortable grip handle. Rigid enough to withstand the firm pressure, the handle provides heft and balance to push down effortlessly on the food.

    Many users, even with arthritis have raved about its extreme ease of use.

    An ultra sharp, tapered blade ensures a clean, uniform cut with full efficiency every time. Its size spans the length of the pizza and only requires a no-strain, easy rocking movement to slice! Mess-free!

    Engineered for heavy duty use, our rocker won’t bend, warp or dull easily. A tough-built for longevity and great value. Suited to professionals, families, a must when hosting pizza parties!

    Appealing curves and power cut make our pizza rocker an excellent gift idea for any occasion! A housewarming, a wedding coming up? No problem! Simply spread the clean cut joy and rock on!

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