Culina Premium 8" Double Layer Nonstick Square Cake Pan

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Culina Premium 8" Double Layer Nonstick Square Cake Pan

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  • 0.6 mm carbon steel: reliable and long-lasting. Does not warp nor bend easily. Real size 8.1/2" includes rolled sides for non-slip grip
  • Double layered brown coating provides nonstick quality for easy food, baked good release and anti-scratch protection
  • Compact size: fits in most convection ovens. Super space saver. Stacks up with other kitchen wares for easy storage
  • Easy wash! Hand wash recommended. Simply soak the pan in warm soapy water, it cleans right off. Dishwasher Safe
  • Information
  • Are you tired of going through staggering amounts of non-efficient, easily warped, rust-prone, poorly-made cake pans? Thanks to a new, no-nonsense baking ware the frustration, not to mention the budget trap can end now!

    Culina Nonstick 8” Square Cake Pan eschews bells and whistles to offer practical convenience. A minimally simple yet attractive bakeware to boost your skills.

    Long-lasting capability, gets the job done efficiently You can rely on a well-constructed, durable quality pan made of a sturdy yet supple 0.6 mm carbon steel material. Culina Nonstick 8” x 8” Square Cake Pan is ideal to encourage portion-control habits key factor in promoting a healthy diet. Couples and small size families rave about the serving they get out of Culina Cake Pan.

    For recipes including brownies, meatloaf, egg dish or more scrumptious, mouthwatering delicacies, rely on our pan for that golden hue. No matter how far and wide your range of cooking extends, our pan will simply and effectively get the job done.

    Not just taste, convenience too!

    Culina Nonstick 8" Square Cake Pan is engineered to facilitate release of the baked good; slide it right out of the pan, it's that simple. The double layer brown coating provides a nonstick property to substantially reduce hassle when washing. Less residue or hard to scrub crumbs to worry about, you bet!

    Get Culina cake pan and take advantage of a uniform heat distribution a feature that helps food cook evenly without raw or hot spot or --shudders-- over-browning. What’s more, 8" conveniently fits most convection ovens.
    A super space-saver compact enough that it stacks up well with other wares inside the cabinet.

    A smart gift idea for a housewarming or any occasion you see fit, should you plan on leaving a lasting impression that is...

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