Culina Wine Chiller Stainless Steel Stick, Clear Aerator/Pourer

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Culina Wine Chiller Stainless Steel Stick, Clear Aerator/Pourer


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  • Enjoy wine at optimal chilled temperature, pour through aerator for enhanced flavors. Multifunction tool: chill and aerate.
  • Stainless Steel Rod, nice hefty feel in the hand. Food grade, safe for contact with wine. Clear plastic aerator spout for easy, mess-free pour.
  • Easy use: place in freezer for 1hour+, insert in bottle 15 mins+ (avoid overflow by pouring out 1/2 glass prior), pour wine thru spout.
  • Avoid storage in the freezer when not in use, as food odor may impregnate S/S. Convenient space-efficient storage in kitchen drawer.
  • Information
  • Culina Stainless Steel Wine Chiller is the essential tool for any delectable wine experience at home or in a professional setting. The next best option is a sommelier readily available to expertly regulate the wine to proper serving temperature. Out of luck for that? Get equipped like an expert with Culina Wine Chiller!

    Simple process, wine chilled in mere minutes!
    The wine cooling process is simple and delivers mind-blowing results in mere minutes!

    * Place Culina Wine Chiller in the freezer for a minimum of 1 hour

    * To avoid spills and overflow, pour out half a glass of wine before the next step

    * Insert the chiller inside the bottle. After 15 minutes, the wine is noticeably cooler

    * Pour wine through the clear spout and obtain a crisp, aerated fresh flavor

Quality construction for long lasting use.
3 components (high quality, food safe material): a 8.5"" stainless steel rod, a mounted rubber seal and a clear aerator/pourer spout.
Culina Chiller serves two purposes: it keeps the wine at optimum chill temperature while the aerator improves the aroma before consumption. No need to decant for 2+ hours.

The pourer conveniently fits snug into the bottle's mouth. It is however not recommended as a stopper after use. Once you're done pouring, the remaining wine drains right back inside, no waste, no drips.

Easy care, space saver, gift-ready.
Avoid the hassle of fitting wine bottles in the refrigerator, no more faux-pas such as ice cubes in wine, our chiller takes care of business hassle-free.
Say goodbye to ice buckets, no melting mess to worry about, with Culina Wine Chiller, simply wash, rinse thoroughly, dry and you're done! Best of all, it easily stores in the kitchen drawer. Avoid storage in the freezer when not in use, as food may impregnate the stainless steel rod with undesired odors and ultimately alter wine's taste.
Celebrate and share this excellent gift idea with family and friends!

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