Culina Lemon Squeezer, Citrus Juice Press

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Culina Lemon Squeezer, Citrus Juice Press


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  • Ergonomic design, highly functional for quick effortless citrus juicing. Simply place lemon in the 3" cups and push handles down.
  • 5" handles give perfect leverage for power crush. Nice fit in the hand. Thermoplastic rubber lining for secure, comfortable grip.
  • Bottom cup presents the right amount of perforations to reduce mess and splattering to a minimum, avoid painful squirting in the eye...
  • Solid construction, heavy, sturdy feel. Built to squeeze juice consistently over the years. No deformation, no bending, no warping.
  • Information
  • Culina Lemon Squeezer is the quality instrument you need to efficiently crush pulp and extract juice in a snap. There are many benefits to adding a lemon press to your kitchen essentials. Lemon is said to be a super-food and who could argue that point? It adds a natural, tangy flavor to recipes, soothes sore throats, cleans the digestive system, supports weight loss among many other benefits!

    Ergonomic design, highly functional for efficient juicing.

    Behind the sleek, sophisticated design is a simple yet efficient mechanism. Two 5"" long handles extend into two 3"" diameter cups, one of which has perforations at the bottom. Hinged together at the base, the press gives you perfect leverage as it rotates outward to host the cut lime and comes back inward for easy, effortless squeeze.
    The handles are lined with a thermoplastic rubber for a secure grip to better support the crushing of pulp, no slippery hands ever!

    Tough-built for daily, utilitarian use.
    Well constructed for heavy-duty purpose, our press boasts a strong, heavy feel in the hand. Unlike flimsy products found on the market, Culina lemon squeezer will not break and will remain consistent throughout the years. No deformation, bending or warping; with proper care, you may be able to juice and enjoy the healthy benefits for a lifetime.

    Ease of use, breezy maintenance, excellent gift idea

    - Place cut lemon inside bottom cup: skin facing up and flesh towards perforated bottom cup

    - Give the handles a firm, power squeeze and watch the rippling juice fill up the recipient to the last drop

    - With just the right amount of perforated holes, no sticky mess or painful squirting in the eyes!

    - Gift-ready package for your convenience! Easy care, dishwasher safe, shines like new

    Throw away the old reamer, Culina squeezer gets the job done! Results measure up to electric juicers (minus the cringe worthy price tag!)

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