Culina 12" Fry Pan Tri-ply Bonded 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware with Lid, Silver, Dishwasher safe

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Culina 12" Fry Pan Tri-ply Bonded 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware with Lid, Silver, Dishwasher safe


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  • 2 piece set: 1 skillet 1 dome-shape lid. Stainless Steel, Die-Cast riveted handles cooling comfort. Front handle for extra balance
  • 12" dia. 5mm thick, robust, rust-resistant triple layer induction base allying stainless steel, aluminum and a satin finish. Even heat distribution
  • Heavy-duty construction. Induction-ready: sear, sauté, simmer, boil, steam and more. Healthy, low-fat, one-pan meals
  • French design. Long contoured handle, sleek body satin mirror finish. Luxury housewarming, bridal shower or wedding gift idea
  • Information
  • Is your kitchen in dire need of a reliable, comprehensive, multipurpose quality cookware? Having a hard time finding a quality, durable construction, even-heating skillet you can trust? Culina 12” Tri-Ply Frying Pan is the ultimate tool to attain a higher culinary status. A tough construction, thick, stainless steel and aluminum base to provide a lifetime of unwavering service. When we say tough, we mean strong as in it'll make iron clad kitchen ware of yore weep like wimps!

    Heavy duty, 3-layer induction for high performance and durability
    This purchase comes as a 2-piece set: a skillet and a dome-shaped lid. Both pieces are outfitted with die-cast, large, riveted, loop handles to ensure a cooling comfort but also a strong grip. In addition, a sleek finger guard is specifically designed to give you balance control.
    Culina 12” Frying Pan boasts a 2mm thick, rust-resistant tough-built body and 5mm thick triple layer induction base allying stainless steel, aluminum and a sleek satin mirror finish.
    The science behind the Tri-ply promotes even heat distribution as all the food cooks uniformly; the result is an incomparably enhanced taste. Tri-ply construction means the steel conducts heat and the aluminum sustains it for ideal temperature control. No need to turn the fire up!

    Whether you own a catering business, are an avid cook or occasionally hosts dinner parties, Culina Frying Pan is built to withstand daily, utilitarian use by professionals or at home. It is a buy you won’t regret for a loyal, lifetime service.

    Sophisticated design, superior searing, healthy cooking

    Advance innovative material aside, Culina 12” Frying Pan is designed after the heirloom French skillet with elegant lines and loop handles large enough to accommodate oven mitts.

    Traditionally, pans have served multipurpose uses, Culina pan afford you countless opportunities to be creative: from healthy low-fat stir fries to exquisite, time-efficient one-pan recipes.

    The non-coated inside helps your cooking with a better sear, it’s also heralded by chefs for producing superior fond (the tasteful, brown cooked food forming at the bottom of a pan.)

    No problem cleaning, even the badly burned food easily scrapes off after soaking the pan in water. Naturally, it’s dishwasher safe, it’ll keep looking shiny and new after years of repeated use.

    To put it in a nutshell, Culina 12" Frying Pan is reliable, innovative cookware with alluring design.

    It makes for an excellent gift idea should you want to share the secret to your exquisite cooking with family and friends!

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