Culina Space Saving Salad Spinner, 5-Quart

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Culina Space Saving Salad Spinner, 5-Quart

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  • Robust, quality material, powerhouse. 3 parts: clear bowl, slotted basket/colander, tight fitted lid features instant stop spin brake button
  • Food Safe and Health Benefits: Removes excess water with fast spin centrifugal force, can reduce germs and potential bacteria
  • Accommodates large party, yet easy storage. Doubles as large fruit bowl, perfect for juicing prep and party presentation
  • Great alternative to eating out. Gift-ready in Sophisticated Clean Line Packaging
  • Information
  • Culina 5Qt. Large Salad Spinner is the fast, efficient, affordable, chic way to maintain a healthy routine and improve diet. Are you tired of eating boring sandwiches and cholesterol-inducing food? Arugula, spinach, endive, lettuce, romaine, cabbage or cress are all delicious greens you can easily add to your diet to benefit a long and healthy life! Spin away!

    Keep salad-making quick, easy and fun with Culina 5 Qt. Salad Spinner whether a vegan, vegetarian or paleo diet best suits your appetite.

    Ergonomic design, robust features: Superior quality, robust construction, Culina 5Qt. Large Spinner is a durable, time-tested, resistant, spinning powerhouse, outfitted with a side hand crank discreet enough for easy storage, yet broad enough for a comfortable, non-slip grip, it's effortless to .

    BPA-Free, food Safe: Exercise caution, reduce germs and potential bacteria by washing raw vegetables thoroughly. Using Culina 5Qt. Salad Spinner, you will immediately see leftover dirt and other foreign residue wash off as they collect in the clear outer bowl. Removing excess water allows for food to be that much enjoyable, crispy clean, full of nutrients and tasteful rather soggy which (besides looking unappealing and lacking in taste) can ultimately deplete food of its essential minerals.

    Easy to Use: Simply fill up the basket with desired amount of salad, rinse, set back in the clear bowl, cover and with a simple, forceless turn of the ergonomically designed crank handle spin and dry your salad.

    Better Performance: Spins with impressive centrifugal force reminiscent of a drying spin cycle, capable of wringing water out of leafy greens in no time. Ideally, you’d want your salad to soak in the dressing for a delectable experience; that's not entirely guaranteed when using the underwhelming, poor-performing spinners currently flooding the market. In contrast, Culina 5 Qt. Large Salad Spinner is a top of the line spinner with an enviable price tag, it's accessible to all budgets.

    Easy clean, compact storage and excellent gift idea!

    All 3 parts can be hand washed separately with a rinse through immediately after use or with soapy water later on. Let it air dry for a few minutes before storing.

    With its compact design, our salad spinner can fit in the cabinet along with the rest of your kitchen ware as it stacks up nicely with the rest. Or maybe the clean, sophisticated design may inspire you to leave it outside where it'll boost your kitchen décor, to be seen and admired by all!

    Don't just get it for yourself, share the healthy benefits with friends and family as Culina salad spinners make for excellent housewarming, bridal shower or wedding gift ideas!


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