Culina Wine Aerating Pourer, 9" Aerator, Clear Spout Pourer

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Culina Wine Aerating Pourer, 9" Aerator, Clear Spout Pourer


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  • Instantly aerates wine to dramatically enhance taste. Unleash fresh, flavorful aroma. No more acidic finish or waiting 2 hours for wine to decant.
  • Bottle-mount fits snug inside the bottleneck. Boasts 9" length from aerator to clear pourer spout. Stylish presentation, impress your guests!
  • Functional, easy. Pours well, no drip. No waste: wine drains back into the bottle after use. Recommended by sommeliers, hailed by wine connoisseurs.
  • Clean-up is a breeze: thoroughly rinse through warm water immediately after use. Space-efficient storage in kitchen drawer, fits anywhere.
  • Information
  • Are you tired of over-hyped products rarely working as advertised? Is it time to replace your poorly designed, inefficient wine pourer?
    Culina Wine Aerating Pourer is the bottle-mount solution to sip a freshly opened bottle and savor its aroma immediately. Our aerator instantly improves any wine's scents even to the untrained tongue. A process and specialty ware highly recommended by sommeliers and wine enthusiasts the world over.

    Taste of wine dramatically enhanced

    Pouring wine immediately after the bottle is opened creates an acidic finish with unpleasant grape juice-like aftertaste.

    Sommeliers and connoisseurs tell us that the best way to enjoy the libation is to let it breathe a couple of hours to enhance the aroma.
    For all the moments you don't have 2+ hours to spare, Culina Wine Aerating Pourer instantly creates the same effect as produced by pouring wine in a carafe to decant for hours. Our genius device makes everyday wine almost taste like a higher end grand cru. Okay, emphasis on "almost" here.

    Easy pour, no drips: gets the job done!

    If you have guests over, the sleek, sophisticated design is sure to impress, however, the main appeal remains the tool's absolute efficiency.
    Fast action and great results: no time wasted waiting 2+ hours for decanting!
    Boasting a cool 9ā€¯length from the aerator to the clear pouring spout, the device fits snug inside any bottleneck. Functional and easy to use, the spout pours impeccably; the remaining wine drains back into the bottle for a spotless use.
    As an added bonus, it doubles as bottle stopper in the event the bottle isn't entirely consumed in one sitting.
    Clean-up is a snap: thoroughly rinse through warm water immediately after use.

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