Culina Kitchen Scissors 8" Heavy-Duty S/S, Multipurpose

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Culina Kitchen Scissors 8" Heavy-Duty S/S, Multipurpose


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  • Stainless Steel robust construction for heavy-duty, long-lasting use.
  • Superior quality, fit for professionals or home cooking
  • Multipurpose kitchen essential: cut, shred, slice or crush from herbs, nuts to produce, meat, wishbone, fishbone or seafood shells
  • Ergonomic handles: large loops, contoured for comfortable, non-slip grip. Built-in notches double as jar opener or nutcracker
  • Information
  • Tired of cheaply made and inefficient kitchen shears? Looking for a reliable, all-purpose tool to shred herbs and cut wishbones in one, easy snip?
    Culina 8" Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors is the Stainless Steel kitchen essential designed to simplify your cooking prep.

    Clean power cut, multifunctional

    Very handy to serve in various areas of your cooking preparation, your new Culina shears are ready to effortlessly slice, trim, cut, shred, crush small bones or even peel some skin off a lemon for tingly zest.
    The shears are food-safe and can be used with a wide variety of ingredients: from herbs, to cookie dough, meat, fish, poultry to those pesky small bones, snip and cut away with little to no effort and enjoy the peace of mind!

    Robust construction for heavy-duty performance

    Stainless Steel shears built solid for long-lasting use. Culina shears are engineered to deliver the best performance whether you are a professional or simply cooking at home for your family.

    * Sharp 5" blades: reveal a tapered, straight edge on one side and a serrated one on the opposite.
    Both, thick and wide edges team up for a clean, efficient power cut. They come apart for a hassle-free wash, simply twist and unhinge!

    * Ergonomic handles: designed with large loops to provide a nice fit for any size hand, contoured with a solid ABS material for a hefty feel and a comfortable, non-slip grip.

    Built-in notches line the inner side of the handles and double as a versatile jar opener/ bottle grip or nutcracker.
    Culina's smart kitchen essentials are excellent gift ideas; our products combine an elegantly minimalist design geared towards heavy-duty performance.

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