Culina Corkscrew Arm-Levered Deluxe Set, Waiter's Corker + Foil Cutter

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Culina Corkscrew Arm-Levered Deluxe Set, Waiter's Corker + Foil Cutter


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  • Classic design, metal body, black color coated worm, ergonomic handles and arm lever great for confident grip, and performance.
  • Hardened steel rugged built, hinges are well-oiled + contact points lubricated for a squeak-free process. Use w/ synthetic, plastic, oak corks.
  • Functional and easy to use: press handles around bottleneck, rotate lever outward to insert worm in cork, rotate lever down to uncork.
  • Smooth finish handles, ergonomic fit, robust construction produces hefty feel, suited to daily, heavy duty professional or home use.
  • Information
  • Why waste money on gadget-y bottle openers? Electric or battery-operated, all the gimmick stops working in a snap often becoming defective beyond repair.
    Culina Arm Lever Corkscrew is a reliable waiter's corker: a classic, sophisticated design for easy uncorking! Everyday wine or select "grand cru" by bartenders or home deserve a great efficient device for clean cork removal!

    Easy to use for fast and clean results

    Culina Arm-Levered (Mini-Octopus) Corkscrew Set comes in a cushiony display with a simple, yet beautifully designed foil cutter and a corkscrew outfitted with a black coated slinky worm. This set will outlast any bottle opener on the market. Time to adopt a restaurant-grade classic tool for a lifetime service.

    Don't let the deluxe packaging intimidate you, Culina is easy to use for anyone even with limited strength and/or dexterity.

    * Hold the corkscrew laterally by the two handles press together for a strong grip

    * Lift the lever (steel arm) and rotate outwards all the way down, until the worm comes up
    * Place the (black coated) steel worm over the cork ready to be inserted

    * Lift the lever and motion it towards yourself, it will cause the worm to twist into the cork
    * Rotate the arm back down to open the bottle and release the cork

    * The worm will raise back up holding on to and effectively extracting the cork

    Sleek, versatile design, great efficiency

    Culina Arm-Levered Corkscrew is engineered to simplify your life and works like a charm on all caps whether synthetic, plastic or the more widespread oak corks.
    Highly functional, you will appreciate the smooth finish on the steel handles and lever, the sturdy feel and the nice, ergonomic fit in the hand.

    Easily remove the protective foil around the bottleneck, then uncork efficiently for a quick, unceremonious yet captivating process.
    No squeaking or sticking!

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