Culina Extra Large Thick Bamboo Cutting Board - 18x12 with Drip Groove

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Culina Extra Large Thick Bamboo Cutting Board - 18x12 with Drip Groove

MODEL FUZ-20407_00355_CUL

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  • 18" x 12" x 3/4" Large. Eco-friendly, 100% antimicrobial. Carved draining groove + Thumb hole. Fine craftsmanship, smooth sanding
  • Knife-friendly: No accelerated dulling. Not easily scratched or damaged. Chop, cut, slice, dice, hash without a worry. No chemical leaching on food
  • Bambo is a naturally tough grassy wood. Renewable, it regenerates quickly and combats soil erosion. Great for our Earth, great in the kitchen
  • Competitive value. Excellent gift idea for the cooking enthusiast and green conscious! Easy wash with soapy water: simply rinse and let it air dry
  • Information
  • Are you looking for heavy-duty cutting boards suited to carving jobs big and small? Trying to avoid leachy plastic cutting boards? Culina Bamboo Cutting Board is the utilitarian solution for the health and environmentally conscious. Its 0.7' thickness attests to superior craftsmanship for unparalleled performance.

    You can now confidently get to work and prepare a large variety of healthy food everyday. Confidently cut, chop, slice, dice, mince, wash, drain with great ease and comfort, no exceptional culinary skills needed there... thankfully.

    Bamboo's excellence: nature-awareness and great performance

    PVC cutting boards leach plastic in our food; switching to a traditional (lumber-made) wooden board is harmful to the environment.

    Bamboo is a prime, innovative and sustainable resource that quickly regenerates; a great contribution to our Earth at a time of severe deforestation.

    Bamboo absorbs less liquid than its lumber counterpart which means it doesn't trap bacteria after being washed.

    The Moso bamboo used in the crafting of our ware comes from a natural shoot grown in the forests of China. As an added bonus our bamboo does not encroach on Panda bears' food supply

    For more efficient cooking prep, use the carved grove lining the cutting board to drain any excess water.

    Robust, durable, convenient: gets the job done!

    • With a 18' length work surface, it is suited to large size meat, poultry, fish and geared towards utilitarian use such as BBQ meat or Thanksgiving turkey
    • Food grade bamboo material makes handling a variety of ingredients fast, easy and convenient: not just meat but also produce, bread, cheese and more.
    • Knife-friendly: No blade dulling. Bamboo wood doesn't scratch or dent easily either; chop, cut, slice, dice, hash without a worry!
    • The 8'x12.5 board doubles as an attractive party platter (cheese, nuts, BBQ, whole fish).
    • Minimalist design, smooth curves for a heirloom feel.
    • Wash with soapy water and let the cutting board air dry.
    • Easy stow over a hook thanks to the smart thumb hole!
    • Excellent gift idea for a housewarming, wedding registry, Father's day or any occasion!

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