Bamboo Butcher Block Oil by Culina®, 8 fl oz., Seals and Protects 100% Natural

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Bamboo Butcher Block Oil by Culina®, 8 fl oz., Seals and Protects 100% Natural

MODEL BLI-027149

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  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY – Culina® Bamboo Butcher Block Oil is completely food-safe and non-toxic, formulated to preserve the beauty of your bamboo butcher blocks and other accessories.
  • MULTIPLE USES – Our Bamboo Butcher Block Oil works on all bamboo items from cutting boards and countertops, to bowls and utensils.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply apply a few drops to a clean cloth and work oil into the wood. Let it absorb for a few hour, or even overnight, if possible. Wipe away any residual oil and you are finished!
  • MADE IN USA – All of our Culina® culinary products are manufactured solely in the United States using the only the highest quality ingredients.
  • Information

    Preserve the beauty of your bamboo kitchen accessories with Culina® 100% Natural Bamboo Butcher Block Oil. It is ideal for use on any wooden surface, especially bamboo. Apply it to cutting boards, salad bowls, wooden utensils, countertops and more to protect wood from drying, cracking and splitting. Reapply every few weeks to keep your accessories looking brand new. Completely food-safe and non-toxic.


    Our all-natural Bamboo Butcher Block Oil leaves no oily residue and is entirely food safe. It can help to prevent bacteria and mildew from collecting on your wooden cutting boards, utensils and countertops that are most prone to buildup. Regular application every few weeks helps to preserve the natural beauty of the wood and prevent it from damage, so your bamboo cookware always looks its best.

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