Culina Mechanical Whisk (Hand Push Mixer) Stainless Steel


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  • Simple push action of mechanical handle substantially increases mixer's rotation. Save cooking, baking, and prep. time.
  • Stainless steel robust construction. Reliable, food-grade, food-safe material built to endure daily, practical use by professionals or at home.
  • High performance results comparable to electric mixers without the steep price tag. Save money on your energy bill, it's hand operated!
  • Whip, whisk, froth up, cream, beat, batter, and more with minimal effort! Easy care: hand wash recommended, dishwasher safe.
  • Information
  • Are you putting your wrist through hand fatigue every time you use a traditional whisk? Do you shudder at the steep price tag of electric hand mixers? Culina Stainless Steel Mechanical Whisk strikes the right balance between your old-school whisk's budget-friendly value and the high performance of energy operated ones. Read on and stop fork-whisking now!

    Mix anything without effort

    Our mechanical whisk is an energy efficient little powerhouse: it is engineered to optimize user's action and propel the wire spin 10 times faster. The force generated with each pumping is augmented tenfold to a faster, more efficient rotation. All with minimal effort, no arm or wrist cramping ever.

    Blend, whip, emulsify or froth up anything from pastry cream, custard fillings, eggs, nutritional drinks to pancake batter homemade mayo, gravy and more! Culina Mechanical Whisk delivers great fluffy results, no clumping, no lumps!
    An appreciable time-saver for any cooking or baking preparation, it is easy on the hands and often lauded by users with arthritis.

    Stainless Steel tough built yet elegant design

    Made of a food grade, food safe Stainless Steel robust material, it is built to endure daily, utilitarian use by professionals or right at home.

    The heavy-duty, stainless-steel wires are sturdy and strongly attached to the base for a hefty feel in the hand. The sleek, ergonomic handle provides a nice fit, and assists with a confident grip.
    No wonder, it is often compared to electric hand mixers. Save money on your energy bill though, Culina is hand operated!
    Once you're done, it's a breeze to clean with warm soapy water, no food residue trapped inside, it is also dishwasher safe for your greatest convenience.

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