Culina Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers, Silver, Set of 3

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Culina Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers, Silver, Set of 3

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  • Stainless steel durable-built for endurance and longevity. Rust-resistant material will last over time. Easy storage as each strainer nests into the next
  • 3” Ideal size to sift small amounts of dried ingredients, spices or sugar. Big enough to drain a single boiled egg, separate the pulp while collecting orange or lemon juice in a flash. It's perfect to infuse tea leaves or dried herbs
  • 5” Ideal size strainer to sift thick, clumpy dry ingredients such as baby cereals, ground oatmeal, salt, spices and more. Perfect skimmer for fermented food or cheese
  • 7” works great for sifting of any quantity of dry ingredients whether coarse or fine as sugar, confectioner's icing, cocoa powder, ground coffee beans and more, the 7" sieve will break compacted food into airy, uniform ingredient
  • Information
  • Looking for the perfect assortment of strainers to cover the whole nine yards of sieving, seeping, filtering or draining in your daily routine? Culina Stainless Mesh Strainer Set of 3 conveniently comes in a variety of sizes: 3”, 5” and 7”. No need to be an expert cook, precision baking by chefs and professionals is now within reach.

    Stainless Steel Mesh for high efficiency

    What you get is a 28 eyes stainless steel basket boasting a mesh that's sturdy yet flexible. You can count on it for a precise sifting of dry ingredients such as flour, confectioner’s sugar, powdered spices and more.
    Sifting is known to add air to ingredients for a fluffy, delicious result that can be immediately noticed when consumed. Our strainers can also be used to filter all matter of impurity and undesirable bits from your preparation. Drain seeds while making exquisite homemade cocktails! It's on us!

    Culina Stainless Mesh Strainers are perfectly adapted to skimming fermented foods such as cheeses or kefir grains.

    Robust construction guarantees longevity

    Made entirely of stainless steel material, Culina stainless steel mesh strainers are durable as the set features anti-corrosion properties to last a lifetime in your kitchen. It's food-safe and does not transfer metal aftertaste ever.

    Check out the smartly designed handle, it is securely attached to the basket's ring, convenient to multitask.

    Each strainer comes with a functional front hook which provides stability when sat over recipients. Another highlight for the multi-tasker.

    Easy clean, space saving storage and excellent gift idea!

    Hand wash recommended to preserve the quality of the strainers over the years, but our tools are dishwasher safe.

    Each sieve nests up into the next, making the set a space-saving storage solution accommodating all sizes of real estates, big and small.

    Wouldn't this make a great gift? Yes it would! Go ahead spread the joy and add to your friends' and family's kitchen essentials whether the occasion is a housewarming, a wedding or any occasion you see fit!

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