Culina Premium Nonstick Angel Food Cake Pan 5" Deep. 0.6 mm

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Culina Premium Nonstick Angel Food Cake Pan 5" Deep. 0.6 mm


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  • 0.6 mm thick carbon steel: sturdy, durable kitchen essential for daily use by professionals or homemade recipes
  • 9.5" dia. wide, 5” deep pan with a tube inside and a hollow bottom. Obtain desired fluff when the cake rises
  • Double layer coating promotes slow and easy upside down release, protects against scratches. Chocolate brown color finish
  • Dishwasher safe. Hand wash recommended to preserve nonstick quality over the years. Simply soak in warm soapy water and rinse!
  • Information
  • Does it takes a special skill to make a delicious Angel Food Cake? Any good baker will tell you that besides a few healthy ingredients, an excellent ware is the only prerequisite. Culina Nonstick Angel Food Cake Pan is the superior built kitchen essential you can rely on. Be confident in getting great results as our 5" deep upside down pan has been created with your full culinary satisfaction in mind. It will get the job done, efficiently.

    Bake with confidence, obtain great results:

    A highly functional baking essential at a great value, the Culina Nonstick Angel Food Cake Pan is perfectly designed to accommodate all the scrumptious cake recipes you tackle. Unlike the chewy styrofoam produced by poorly-made pans everywhere, your homemade cake will come out moist, airy with an appealing texture. The bottom of the pan's uniform heat distribution allows the dough to rise. The cake bakes evenly to achieve the ultimate golden hue without over-browning.

    Pick up the pan nice and easy and shuttle safely from oven to table, the rolled edges provide a comfortable grip with or without oven mitts. Conveniently invert the pan to let the cake cool down.

    Tough built for daily and long lasting use:

    You can rely on a robust, durable quality pan made with a sturdy 0.6 mm thick rust-resistant carbon steel material to outlast the most utilitarian use. Culina 5" Deep Angel Food Cake Pan is also engineered to facilitate the release of the fluffy baked good. A food-safe nonstick property is added on the surface and helps keep crusty bits and hard to scrub residue away, all very convenient to easily wash and clean the dish.

    A select line of kitchen ware, a great gift idea:

    Our angel food cake pan is part of a larger fine quality bakeware collection by Culina. Check out the full variety of exclusive products to chose from whether equipping your own kitchen or looking for gift ideas for any occasion you see fit!

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