Culina Strainer Over-the-sink (Oval), Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Expandable

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Culina Strainer Over-the-sink (Oval), Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Expandable

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  • 14 eyes (40 mm) Stainless steel fine mesh tightly weaved, rust-resistant for durable use. Wash, sieve, strain, drain pasta, berries, leafy greens
  • 9" x 13" Generous oval size recipient to a large quantity of food whether cut or whole. Accommodates oblong or odd shape ingredients
  • Expandable handles rest firmly over the skink for hand-free straining. Footrest for extra stability on any surface (kitchen counter or sink)
  • Easy wash with kitchen hose or a simple swipe of a dish brush. Dishwasher safe
  • Information
  • Selecting the right colander is an essential part of any aptly supplied kitchen, yet it sometimes proves to be quite the balancing act. Where to find the right equipment to effectively strain and multitask in the kitchen? We believe Culina Expandable Over-the-sink Mesh strainer is the simple, most convenient solution adapted to all of us: from the random cook to the expert chef.

    Built for daily, utilitarian use

    Our strainer boasts a fine, stainless steel mesh carefully engineered to produce the most efficient draining. All aboard the healthy bandwagon!

    Go ahead, drain pasta, produce or any food quickly and effectively without any excess manipulation. Trust the tough built, reliable material; suited to heavy-duty, daily use at home or in professional kitchens.

    What’s more, its large size leaves ample room to spread out grains like rice or dried lentils, black eyed peas, perfect to inspect and get rid of undesired bits. You'll love the generous size as it accommodates lengthy fruits and vegetables to save you the extra chore of cutting the produce before washing.

    Large leaf vegetables such as kale, collards greens, lettuce, cabbage or long ones namely zucchinis, cucumbers, scallions, leeks or carrots fit nicely in Culina’s over-the-sink mesh strainer.

    Convenient over-the-sink feature for easy preparation

    Check out the convenience of expandable, foam-protected, handles! Easy to set over the sink with perfect stability. It's especially great for daily juicers, trying to squeeze preparation of power drinks full of detoxyfying goodies in a short amount of time before commuting to work. It's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the infinite uses you will decide to make with this versatile strainer!

    To add to the incredible technical features and performance, the sleek, sophisticated design makes our over-the-sink strainer a favorite gift item!
    It is an excellent gift idea for any occasion you see fit from a housewarming party to a wedding! Go on! Spread the love to family and friends!

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