Culina Wine Saver Vacuum Pump and 2 Stoppers Set. Preserve Wine

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Culina Wine Saver Vacuum Pump and 2 Stoppers Set. Preserve Wine


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  • Avoid tossing perfectly good wine. No oxidation, no sour wine. Keep flavor intact, unaltered. Stretch longevity of the beverage for days.
  • Set of 3 includes: 1 Vacuum Pump+2 Stopper Caps. Easy to use: extract trapped air from wine bottle, place seal bottle with cap, save wine's taste.
  • Time efficient, money saver: no more wasting pricey drink or tossing away. 2 stoppers means two bottles saved to be fresh, crisp and drinkable again.
  • Silver Color pump sleeve, Black stoppers: elegant design vs. rugged engineering. Space-saving storage. Great addition to a wine-lover’s collection.
  • Information
  • Don't toss away the wine just because it's unfinished! Wondering how to preserve freshness and flavor longer?
    The set of Culina Wine Saver Vacuum Pump + 2 Stoppers keep flat wine fresh and crisp for days!

    Your choices shouldn’t be restricted to consuming the entire bottle or letting it go to waste.

    Set of 3: 1 Vacuum Pump+2 Stopper Caps

    1 Vacuum Pump effectively extracts air out of the bottle. 2 Stoppers keep bottles airtight sealed.
    The quality of wine deteriorates after prolonged exposure to air. Oxidation causes wine to turn sour: no one likes a taste closer to vinegar or rancid grape juice!
    Even placing the cork back inside a bottle proves highly unsuccessful and ruins the beverage.
    Culina has the professional-grade, quality set suited to everyday users. Can’t agree on a common wine to sip? No problem: 2 stoppers means two bottles can go at once.

    Effortlessly extract air, keeps wine fresh for days!

    A simple two-step operation:

    - Step 1: Pump air out of the bottle to avoid wine from breaking down. When all air is out you will feel you are no longer able to pump.

    - Step 2: Keep wine bottles airtight sealed with the stopper caps to keep air from entering again. To pop out simply push on aptly engraved ""PUSH"" letters appearing at the top.

    Elegant design, solid engineering, easy storage.

    Don't be fooled by the sophisticated design, Culina vacuum pump and stoppers are rugged and built to last.
    Try this set and pass the love around, it's an excellent gift idea for just about any occasion, a nice stocking stuffer to boot!

    Very little effort is required to operate the pump and save your wine from a certain death! Just pump, seal and go!
    When you are done, store the unfinished bottle away, no fear of drips or accidents. Go ahead, lay the wine bottle back into the cooler; guess what? No leaks. Culina brings you an hermetically sealed promise of future great libation!

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