Culina Wine Bottle Stopper Caps. Set of 6. Air Stopping Wine Saver Sealing Plugs

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Culina Wine Bottle Stopper Caps. Set of 6. Air Stopping Wine Saver Sealing Plugs


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  • Prevents air from seeping through wine which deteriorates taste. Plug, seal and save unfinished bottles, preserve taste freshness. Waste no more!
  • 6 pieces, so you can safely have a variety of cru going at once, perfect for events big and small. No leaks ever! Even when bottles lay sideways.
  • Professional grade quality, 3-ring rubber seal with embossed push button. Results far exceed placing cork back inside their bottles.
  • Great results, paired with Culina Wine Saver Vacuum Pump (Sold Separately). Compatible with most brands' air pumps for your convenience.
  • Information
  • Are you hesitant about opening a new bottle of wine for fear it won’t be finished in one sitting? Do you hate the predicament between having to consume the entire bottle or letting it go to waste?
    Check out Culina Set of 6 Wine Bottle Stopper Caps, the solution to preserve freshness and flavor far longer. The wine stays crisp and fresh tasting for days as the stoppers keep bottles airtight shut.

    Push the cap down, keep wine fresh for days!

    With this purchase, come 6 stopper caps to each push down 6 bottles' mouth. The thermo rubber and silicone's suction prevents the air from getting through and altering taste.
    Wine quality deteriorates after a prolonged exposure to air. Oxidation causes an otherwise perfectly good drink to turn sour
    Nobody likes a vinegar or rancid grape juice!
    Even putting back the cork proves highly unsuccessful and ruins the drink. A great efficient way to get professional-grade results at home is to pair the caps with Culina Vacuum Pump. First extract trapped air with the pump, next immediately stick the stopper inside the mouth.
    Have a variety of cru going at once, there's plenty of sealers to go around.

    Elegant design, solid engineering, easy storage

    Don't be fooled by its sleek, black color and sophisticated design, Culina stopper is rugged and built to last. The bottom part is a rubber 3 ring seal; when you're ready to have another glass, simply release the seal by pushing where the aptly engraved "push" letters appear.
    Try it! Culina stoppers require little to no effort to close the bottle or to pop back up.

    When you are done, store the unfinished bottle away, no fear of drips or accidents. Go ahead, lay the wine bottle back into the cooler; guess what? No leaks. Culina brings you an hermetically sealed promise of future great libation!
    What an excellent gift idea for friends and family "just because"!

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