Culina Nylon Mesh Strainer - 7inch

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Culina Nylon Mesh Strainer - 7inch

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  • 7 inch diameter, accommodates a large variety of ingredients for daily preparations: kefir grains, cheese, kombucha for which metal cannot be trusted
  • Infinite uses: efficiently strain grains, sieve clumpy flour, drain sweet peas, filter seeds or seep herbal beverages, baby food...
  • Dense weaving, sturdy mesh holds through the years. Solid grip handle. Front hook makes it easy to rest the strainer on top of any size recipient
  • Easy hand wash with warm, soapy water. Dishwasher safe. Space-saving storage, hooks up to wall or nests with other kitchen essentials
  • Information
  • We could sit here and have our marketing team rattle a list of attributes and reasons why you should own a set of Culina Nylon Mesh Strainers, but instead we’re going to let our customers do the talk! Yes, you read right! Real users who reviewed their purchases to help fellow users and potential buyers like you understand the value you are getting.

    Giving you the perspective of buyers who tested our nylon mesh strainers in their everyday routine, how’s that for keeping things really real?

    You will find: a selection of (verbatim,) genuine statements written by our reviewers.

    You will not find: a litany of bullet points crafted by industry professionals.

    Infinite uses, great results every time
    Whether it is to strain, sieve, drain or filter ingredients, a Culina Nylon Mesh Strainer can be used in the making of a wide range of recipes: from kefir to cheese making, ginger bug, root beer bug, some of our customers say their daily uses consist of a lot of fermenting and culturing. Nylon mesh is often preferred for some specific recipes like Kombucha where a metal mesh cannot be trusted.
    Other uses such as filtering lemon seeds, seeping herbal beverages or sifting clumpy ingredients to break them into fluffy, airy powder are favored by reviewers.

    Culina Nylon Strainer is hailed for great performance as it gets the job done every single time. Many rave about how practical straining of water and milk kefir grains is; as well as the ability to stop the smallest of seeds. An important highlight for reviewers came with knowing they could rely on a solid construction with flexible, adaptable resource.

    reliable construction for utilitarian use

    Made of professional grade nylon, Culina strainers are, according to users, sturdy as they endures daily, utilitarian use. They are also seen as firm enough that each scoops large quantity and heavier loads of food and still hold up beautifully without nasty tears; yet they are supple enough to allow gentle swishing movement to accompany the straining. It was noted by our reviewers that the dense weaving allowed for a hassle-free sifting, draining, or seeping experience.

    In addition, nylon a is a non-reactive element that does not permeate food, create any unpleasant after taste or (as in the case of Kombucha making) create an adverse chemical reaction the way metal strainer do. It's a safe, reliable option to guarantee satisfaction.

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