Culina 12 Qt. Multi Pot Cooker 4-Piece Set, Heavy Gauge 18/10 Stainless Steel

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Culina 12 Qt. Multi Pot Cooker 4-Piece Set, Heavy Gauge 18/10 Stainless Steel


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  • Multipurpose: 1 tight fitting lid, 1 heavy gauge 12 Qt. pot, 1 strainer and 1 steamer inserts. Induction-ready
  • Stainless steel material. Exterior satin/mirror finish, solid built for long-lasting performance. Die Cast steel handles ensure a stay-cool grip
  • Aluminum base distributes heat evenly for the best cooking results. Hand wash recommended to maintain luster. Dishwasher safe
  • Healthy cooking. Boil, steam, slow cook, drain with professional quality all-in-one cooker. Ideal for blanching, steaming and more!
  • Information
  • From grains to pasta, leafy greens, root vegetables and all kinds of meat, our cooking preferences are as varied as the diversity of food itself. Looking for a reliable cookware to cover such a wide variety of recipes, preserve nutritional value and enhance taste? Look no more! Culina 12 Qt. Multipurpose Stainless Steel Pot has got you covered! Anything from boiling, steaming, slow-cooking, draining or multitasking in the kitchen is, from now on, all fun and games!

    Sturdy, durable, solid construction for great performance in the kitchen!

    Culina 12 Qt. Multipurpose Cooker is an alliance of traditional and innovative properties. The tough construction boasts a rust-resistant, stainless steel material with aluminum base to distribute heat evenly. It comes with 4 parts: 1 pot, 1 lid and 2 inserts (a strainer and a steamer.)

    The tight fitting lid, the pot and strainer are outfitted with die-cast handles and knob for a solid, sturdy and cooling grip. Such innovative construction offers durability and great performance with little to no warping over time. A satin/mirror band finish nicely rounds up the sleek, stylish design.

    Versatile and easy to use: simplify your life

    • Boil: Heat spreads evenly for a uniform texture and enhanced taste. Also great for blanching, a preparation method known to effectively stop the cooking process of a boiled produce to retain nutrients and obtain a superb color effect.

    • Steam: A two-decker insert system provides multitasking at its best. Picture pasta boiling at the bottom while raw heads of cauliflowers and broccoli, Brussels sprouts and snow peas gently steam to reach a soft texture and safeguard nutrients, and try not drooling at that thought.

    • Drain: Incorporated in the process, no transfer needed, no more burning yourself or splattering boiled liquid around.

    • Slow-cooking: Ideal for stocks including meat or poultry ingredients flavorfully infusing the rest of the sauce

    • Entertain and enjoy: Not an actual technical property of the multi cooker per se, but it is an intrinsic aspect worth noticing.

    • An excellent housewarming or wedding gift idea!

    Culina 12Qt. Multi Cook is a delight to own. Get yours now!

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