Culina Meat Tenderizer,  72 sharp blades (8 x 9 rows). Safety lock

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Culina Meat Tenderizer, 72 sharp blades (8 x 9 rows). Safety lock


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  • 72 blades total. 8 sharp teeth in formation of 9 rows safely encased within clear push plate. Lock when not in use.
  • Stainless Steel cutting edge construction. Razor sharp bite. High performance professional or home service.
  • Efficient tenderizing breaks tissue, meat is flattened: reduction of cooking time and enhanced flavor.
  • Safety Lock mechanism. Twist the rubber cap in lock position. Engineered to safely keep blades within base plate.
  • Information
  • The days of gnawing on tough cuts of meat are over, thanks to the Culina® Meat Tenderizer. Featuring a durable and stylish design, along with 72 razor-sharp stainless-steel blades to get the job done, you will reach for this handy, time-saving tool over and over again.

    The stainless-steel, cutting edge construction features razor-sharp teeth that deeply penetrate any cut of meat, making it ideal for professional or home use. Efficient tenderizing breaks down tendons and makes the meat thinner and flatter for a reduction of cooking time, with tender and flavorful results.

    The Culina® Meat Tenderizer includes a total of 72 blades; 8 sharp teeth standing side by side in formation of 9 rows. The blades are safely encased within a clear push plate and can be locked into place to avoid accidents and injuries when not in use.

    An ergonomically-designed push top with a contoured rubber grip ensures secure, non-slip operation, and full control. Simply give a firm downward push and see the results. One easy stab with all blades, and you can move on to the next area without repeating. The tenderized meat is stretched enough to better absorb marinades and soak in spice rubs and seasonings. With this handy devices, you can obtain results similar to slow cooking in mere minutes. When you are finished, the device is simple to clean and stores easily with the blades securely retracted.

    The Culina® Meat Tenderizer is a stylish addition to any kitchen and a durable device that will give you many years of use with the proper care. It makes a perfect gift for anyone with an interest in the culinary arts, from amateur to professional and we are so convinced that you will love this gadget that it comes with 100% Culina® Satisfaction Guarantee.

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