Culina Herb Mill (Blade Rotator)

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Culina Herb Mill (Blade Rotator)


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  • Save time, stay healthy, keep the flavor! Cut fresh herbs quickly. Turn any bland meal into a culinary success. Innovate seasoning and garnishes.
  • Stainless steel disc blades rotate to snip with sharp precision. No more mashed up, or blended herbs. Clean snip preserves and releases raw flavor.
  • Effortless twisting motion of blade rotator easily boosts efficiency. Ergonomic design creates comfortable fit in hand. Praised by arthritic users.
  • Easy wash, each piece comes apart for thorough care. Lifetime quality service for professional or home use. Simple fit for storage.
  • Information
  • Freshly chopped herbs deliver far more flavor than the dried variety and help turn an ordinary dish into a culinary masterpiece. With the Culina® Micro Herb Mill, preparing and grinding these spices is an effortless process, requiring only a turn of the wrist, with no cutting board or kitchen knife to clean up afterwards. Perhaps that is why this is one of the top-rated herb mills on Amazon, offering the same high quality of other well-known brands without having to pay for the logo.

    Simply wash your fresh-picked herbs, pat them dry with a towel, and place them inside the Micro Herb Mill. With an easy turn of the wrist, the herbs are fed through a pair of sharp, stainless steel blades which finely minces them without any bruising. Much like a pepper mill, you can add the herbs during the cooking process to soups, sauces, roasts, steamed vegetables and more, or you can sprinkle them on top of your dishes at the end to add a splash of color and a wonderful aroma. Grind a little basil to top a plate of fettuccini alfredo, add some finely-chopped cilantro to a bowl of guacamole, sprinkle some fresh thyme atop those chicken breasts - you will find endless uses for this handy device.

    The Culina® Micro Herb Mill is constructed from food-grade ABS plastic with two sharp stainless-steel blades that will give you years of use. When it is time to clean, simple disassemble the pieces and wash separately (dishwashers not recommended).

    With the Culina® Micro Herb Mill, the delicious aroma of fresh herbs is only a twist of the wrist away, making this an ideal addition to any kitchen. This product makes a perfect gift for anyone with an interest in the culinary arts, from amateur to professional and we are so convinced that you will this Micro Herb Mill that it comes with 100% Culina® Satisfaction Guarantee.

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