Culina Collapsible Colander. Oval 10" x 9" Green

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Culina Collapsible Colander. Oval 10" x 9" Green


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  • Collapses when prompted from a 3 1/2"H to 1"H. Oval rim. Wide, roomy basket area accommodates food quantity fit for all size families/guests.
  • Robust construction: fortified plastic top and bottom suits heavy duty handling. Malleable rubber sides engineered for space-saving collapsing.
  • Rinse, drain, toss produce for juicing, and large variety of cooking prep. Ideal for homemade baby food preparation, promotes healthy habits.
  • Non-slip rubber feet provide stable balance while rested on any countertop or sink. Convenient for hands-free multitasking.
  • Information
  • Does your current colander belong in the old days of bulky, space-hog kitchen gadgets? Time to chuck the dull, ineffective tool and simplify your life!
    Get on with the new era of smart, functional, and multipurpose kitchen essentials, get equipped with Culina 10"" Collapsible Over-the-Sink Colander. Wash, strain, and do any preparation in this splashy GREEN ware, when done the fold the strainer flat to fit in any size kitchen cabinet.

    Robust construction suited to daily, utilitarian use.

    Manufactured to the highest standard, the top rim and bottom base are made of a food grade, fortified plastic material. The slanted, collapsible sides are thermo rubber and extend under the base to non-slip feet for optimum stable balance on any flat surface (counter, sink etc...) great for hand-free multitasking!

    The accordion-style rubber sides collapse the colander from 3 1/2"H to a shrunken 1"H version of itself with a firm but easy push down.
    What's more, the rim and handles are engineered to stay cool when handling hot food. Suited to heavy duty, repeated use, it quickly becomes an asset for professional use or at home.

    Space efficient, multi-functional tool ware

    Culina 10" Collapsible Colander boasts a roomy basket area, large capacity can accommodate food quantity fit for big size families. Get ready for a bevy of healthy juicing preparations and a myriad tasty meals.
    Rinse fruits, vegetables, pasta, dried beans and a wide variety of grains. The liquid flows out seamlessly, while the food does not sift through. No waste ever! And yes, Culina is ideal for the prep. of homemade baby food, promoting healthy habits from the very start.

    Our colander boasts smart features to simplify your life: dishwasher safe and easy to store, it makes an excellent gift idea for a housewarming party or any "just because" occasion!

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