Culina Blade Sharpener. 3 Pairs Wheels. Precision Cut. Handheld

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Culina Blade Sharpener. 3 Pairs Wheels. Precision Cut. Handheld


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  • Razor sharp results. Portable, quick, and easy to use. 3 pair sharpening wheels get you more cutting-edge, all-size blades in one device.
  • Rest blades between the wheels, sharpen in seconds with simple back-and-forth motion. Straightforward for all users (professionals or home).
  • Better performance: prevents blades' metal from thinning unlike electric sharpener (which tend to destroy knives by stripping more metal).
  • Ceramic wheels: robust construction, durable service, consistency over time. Rubber lined ergonomic handle for safe, secure hold.
  • Information
  • Have you tried nearly every sharpening system out there and just about given up hope?
    Culina Blade Sharpener is the fastest, lowest-priced, and most efficient device to put them all to shame. 
    Get razor sharp results in mere seconds* ! 
    Great for professionals, whose knives bear the brunt of repeated, daily cutting, chopping activity or for home use!

    Easy to use, delivers high performance! 

    Bring your knives back to life, no matter how dull and dire you think the situation is! Culina enhances blades' condition, thus rocketing your cooking experience to new, delightful heights!

    No expertise needed: simply rest the knife blade in-between one of the three ceramic wheels, and sharpen with a back-and-forth grinding motion while holding the knife handle firmly.

    Culina Wheel Sharpener will work its magic, and take care of the rest. With Culina, extend blade life, enter the realm of precision sharpening. You will be amazed while bringing your knives back to life.

    Tough construction for heavy duty use.

    With its durable construction, Culina contains 3 ceramic stones with white fused alumina for a consistent sharpening over time. Each of the red, white, and blue sharpening wheels comes with individualized clear housing to keep the tools protected when not in use. 

    All 3 wheels are included in a space-saving, portable frame with handle. The handle is lined with a non-slip rubber material to ensure an ergonomic and secure hold. 
    Many of our satisfied customers have raved about Culina's performance being superior to the pricey electric sharpeners. The trimming mechanism used in electric tools erodes the metal, and soon renders the knife useless. The stone grinding method used by Culina brings back any dull knife to a healthy new beginning.

    A purposeful gift for any chef, amateur or professional, for any occasion! 

    * Depending on blade's level of dullness.

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