Culina Bamboo Wood Cutting Board, Set of 3 Sizes: 8"x6", 11"x8.5", 13"x9"

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Culina Bamboo Wood Cutting Board, Set of 3 Sizes: 8"x6", 11"x8.5", 13"x9"

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  • Set of 3 cutting boards sizes: 8"x6”, 11"x8.5”, 13"x9”
  • Knife-friendly: No fast dulling. Not easily scratched. Chop, cut, slice, cube, dice, hash. Superior craftsmanship fine quality, timeless design
  • Naturally tough grassy wood high resistance yet flexible fiber. Renewable: regenerates quickly, combats soil erosion. Great for our Earth and kitchen
  • Easy wash with soap Convenient storage with thumb holes. Excellent gift idea for the cooking enthusiast and green conscious!
  • Information
  • Have you decided to ditch PVC Plastic cutting boards for fear of particles leaching into food? Looking to switch to a healthy, anti-microbial and earth-friendly wooden board? The Culina Set of 3 Bamboo Cutting Boards is the solution for the health and environmentally conscious. 3 bamboo boards to offer nature awareness, great craftsmanship and superior performance to your countertop.

    Bamboo's excellence: a gift from Mother Nature to your kitchen
    Cutting boards are an essential part of our everyday cooking and with all the hazardous material on the market, you are well-advised to choose Bamboo wood. A prime, innovative and sustainable resource known to quickly regenerate; a great contribution to our Earth at a time of severe deforestation.

    Bamboo is a robust grassy wood known to withstand extreme conditions (e.g. winds, earthquakes) by combining strength and flexibility: it bends but never snaps. A quality reflected in our 3 piece set bamboo wood cutting boards.

    Geared towards utilitarian use at professional level or at home, the set will outlast any of its traditional (plastic or lumber) counterpart.

    Robust, durable, convenient: gets the job done!

    • The set comes in three sizes to perfectly adapt to a variety of needs. Small: 8"x6" Medium: 11"x8.5" Large: 13"x9"
    • Reserve each cutting board to a specific use to avoid transferring bacteria. e.g. one for meat, poultry, fish, one for fruits and veggies and one for bread and cheeses.
    • Knife-friendly: No blade dulling. Bamboo wood doesn't scratch easily either; chop, cut, slice, dice, hash without a worry!
    • Each board doubles as an attractive presentation platter (cheese, nuts, whole fish).
    • Minimalist design, smooth curves for a heirloom feel. Convenient thumbhole for easy storage.
    • Wash with soapy water and let the boards air dry.

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