Culina Air Pump Corkscrew, 1 Corker, 1 Foil Remover. Easy Uncorking

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Culina Air Pump Corkscrew, 1 Corker, 1 Foil Remover. Easy Uncorking


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  • Pump and remove: easy uncorking. No more twisting, no more gas cartridges. Insert needle, pump, and the cork comes out.
  • High end quality at affordable price. Sleek design: ergonomic fit for strong grip, stable pumping even for arthritic hands.
  • Easy cork ejection, slide the outer ring around the clear plastic mount. convenient for cork re-use! Excellent even w/fragile, fragmented corks!
  • Extra sharp needle. Keep out of children's reach. Not recommended for sparkling wines, synthetic, or plastic corks.
  • Information
  • Are you looking for an easy way to uncork wine bottles? Do you struggle to fully extract fragile, old corks off expensive Bordeaux? Culina Air Pump Corker with Foil Cutter is the exquisitely designed, smart tool to get the job done! No more struggling to pop off corks and no more fiddling with and breaking flimsy rabbit-eared corkscrews, gently pump and pop!

    What’s in the box?

    Corkscrew Set Includes:

    * 1 Sleek, black and steel, arch shape cutter for easy foil removal. Just squeeze and twist! Ergonomic fit in the hand, reveals 4 round blades to lock and twist around the foil and effectively remove it from the bottle: no cuts or accidents ever.

    * 1 Air pump opener: a sophisticated steel handle complete with a beautiful clear mount inside of which a sharp pointy 2” inch metal needle awaits for a chance to bite through a cork and gently pull it out.

    Easy to use, great consistency
    1. Use the cutter to remove the foil by twisting off

    2. Gently insert the needle (located in the clear plastic area of the corkscrew) in the middle of the cork

    2. Pump using the steel handle to blow some air in the cork

    3. When the cork is filled with enough air, the pressure will make it easy to slide out of the bottle. Careful not to over-pump or the cork may pop right out!

    4. Easy cork ejection: simply slide the outter ring around plastic mount down.

    Clean design, utilitarian use
    Although it is aesthetically pleasing, the design serves a functional purpose: a shape that favors a positive grip for great stability. It boasts a solid, quality built to endure daily, utilitarian use whether you deal with one bottle or 15 at a time. Culina Air Pump is the fast, efficient solution
    especially valuable to open wine bottles in a jiffy! Even aged bottles with crumbling, fragmenting corks which could easily disintegrate under the pull of a regular wine opener.

    This Product Is Not Recommended for Synthetic or Plastic Caps.

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