Culina 8" Double Mesh Strainer, Stainless Steel, Wooden Handle

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Culina 8" Double Mesh Strainer, Stainless Steel, Wooden Handle

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  • 8" diameter. Two layers Stainless Steel mesh create a tighter weave and stronger hold
  • Excellent to strain the smallest food: rice, kefir or herbs! Drain liquids and sieve spices. Great for healthy homemade baby food!
  • Wooden ergonomic handle: tough construction held together by solid steel piping; ensures confident grip. Heirloom design
  • Easy care and storage. Hand wash recommended rinse thoroughly immediately use. Nests nicely for space efficient storage
  • Information
  • So you're looking to upgrade your quinoa straining technique from paper towel to a more legit method? Don't know where to start looking in this vast vortex of cheaply made tools known as the mesh strainer market?

    Culina 8" Double Mesh Strainer is the right place to start.

    Double Mesh for multi-uses
    Two layers of stainless steel mesh: the bottom layer covers a finely weaved upper mesh. The mesh screens aren't flush with each other so as to create a tighter weave that would prevent small particles of ingredients from going through.

    This is why Culina Double Mesh Strainer is excellent to strain anything from Pumpkins to guava purees, batches of rice, Greek yogurt or Kefir. It's perfect for baby food, seedless jam or to separate the herbs from an infused cooking oil. No cheesecloth necessary!

    As a bonus, food bits don't get lodged in those tight meshes: it's easy to clean by rinsing thoroughly immediately after use. Water moves swiftly through the holes.

    8" diameter, tough Stainless Steel construction
    The tough stainless steel construction has a nice, heavy feel in the hand. You can rely on Culina for utilitarian daily uses at a professional level or right at home. It is rust-resistant and with proper care, will last you through many years and perform with the same efficiency every time.

    In addition to advance material, Culina Double Mesh Strainer boasts a touch of heirloom quality with its wooden handle. The robust handle ensures a confident grip and provides a nice, ergonomic fit regardless of the size of the user's hand. A strong steel piping lines the wooden handle and holds it together with the 8" wide strainer. A hook extends from the rim which makes it easy to rest your kitchen essential over pots and any recipients up to 8".
    It's an excellent gift idea to share on any occasion!

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